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Loan Application

First, call and speak with one of our licensed senior loan officers to begin the application process. We will conduct a quick phone interview to get a better understanding of your needs and quickly move to the application process.

Loan Approval

Immediately following your application we begin the approval process. Our staff will work diligently to find the loan programs that best suit your needs and goals. We usually have an answer within 24 hours!



Once we’ve completed the approval process, you’re ready to fund your new loan. After you’ve completed signing the loan documents they will be returned to our funding department.


0.675% Monthly Interest Rate


Loan Amount Loan Amount Monthly Payment LTV
$100,000 0.675% $675 70%
$250,000 0.675% $1687 70%
$500,000 0.675% $3375 70%
$750,000 0.675% $5062 70%
$1,000,000 0.675% $6750 70%

Rate and terms are subject to change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. Subject to credit approval

What is a private money loan?

A private money loan (also known as hard money or bridge loan) is financing from a private individual or group that is based on the current equity in the home. This money can be used for the purchase of real estate by investors.

Who needs 'private money'?

This kind of loans are generally sought after by people having trouble obtaining loans from conventional sources. Business owners who need capital to expand, purchase equipment or other business needs, can seek out a private money loan. Or an investor can use these funds to buy property in order to fix them up and sell them at a profit quickly. The funds are meant to be used within a short period of time. If you are a business owner, developer, investor or house flipper, this loan can be a great tool for you!

Discover Hard Money Lending

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How does the world of hard money lenders differ from traditional bank lending? To be frank with you, it is not too different. With a little reading and due diligence, you will discover exactly what a hard money lender is, does, and asks for on each deal. Most importantly, you will be able to find a hard money loan that is tailored to your needs and connect with lenders interested in your deal.

Private Loans versus Other Loans

City Capital Realty offer a wide variety of financial products in Southern California

City Capital Realty offer a wide variety of financial products that might be considered an alternative to other loan lenders. A private loan is a great option because they can have better terms and conditions if compared with personal loans, and overtime are definitely cheaper than payday loans.

Benefits of Private Loans

Private loans can be long-term loans, which means the debt is repaid over the course of years. This advantage allows you to have money available to cover expenses and even unexpected expenses. Private loans are also generally more flexible, money is available faster, and most private lenders offer benefits and rewards including reduced interest rates.

Pros and Cons

City Capital Realty offer a wide variety of financial products in Southern California

Like any other regular loan, poor credit and bad credit can be a determining factor to getting a private loan. This does not mean that a person with a bad credit history cannot get a private loan, but only further effort in finding a private lending company that does not emphasize one’s credit score. Some of these companies may require a cosigner to approve the loan, and may have a higher interest rate, contrasting with interest rates that people with good credit pay.

Other Requirements

Similar to federal loans, many lending companies have set a series of requirements to apply for a private loan that may include U.S. citizenship status, enrollment status, degree status, besides different terms and conditions that may vary on an individual basis upon the information provided.

Minimal Documentation

We offer hard money loans with minimal documentation. If you have at least 30% down for a purchase, we can get your loan approved. City Capital Realty does loans the others can't!

Experts in Hard Money Loans

City Capital Realty has been in business for over 20 years. We have funded many loans, and have relationships with hundreds of lenders and investors. This gives us the ability to say YES and fund your loan quickly at the lowest rate possible

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